EFT Sports Performance

Top Tier has Partnered with EFT (located in the MAX above Top Tier's batting cages) to run all our athletic sports performance for our athletes.

EFT training programs reflect principles of a conjugated system, however each workout is customized for the client or group's training goals using various methodologies. EFT bridges the gap between strength training and sport training through the use of dynamic, movement-based exercises. By training movements, not muscles, your body learns to directly apply your strength and power gains to the movements made during your sport. This efficient formula yields maximal results in minimal time. Every workout and exercise is designed to maximize YOUR potential.

Training will include speed/agility/acceleration training, hand eye coordination and reaction training, dynamic full body workouts, core strengthening and stabilization, and recovery treatments. Players will have the option of 1 or 2 day-a-week sessions running from October 17th to February 25th.

The Schedule for the Athletic Performance Membership is outlined below:

Registration & Pricing
Please Return EFT Membership Registration forms to:
EFT Sports Performance
4750 South Vernon Ave.
MCCook, IL 60525

For more information contact EFT McCook.
Phone: 708-255-5224