January/February Training Dashboard

This session of camps will start on Monday January 2nd and run through Thursday February 23rd.

Below are the training opportunities by day as well as a link to Upperhand for descriptions & registration:


6-7 PM: 14u & High School Offensive Velo Depot (Bat Speed)


5-6 PM: Hitting w/Instructors 9u-13u

6-7 PM: Hitting w/Instructors 9u-13u

7-8 PM: Hitting w/Instructors 13u, 14u & HS

8-9 PM: Hitting w/Instructors 13u, 14u & HS


8-9 PM: High School Catching w/Instructors & 10-14u Offensive Velo Depot (Bat Speed)

9-10 PM: Baserunning Camp & Outfield Defense w/instructors


5-6 PM: 9-14u Infield w/instructors & Little Bambino's 5-9u

6-7 PM: 14u & High School Infield w/instructors & Youth Pitching Development & Youth Catching w/instructors & Little Bambino's 5-9u

Strength Training:

To supplement the baseball training we will also offer semi private strength and mobility training. Signing up for Open Strength training would get your child access to this at the following times:

Monday: 4-6 PM
Tuesday: 4-7 PM
Wednesday: 4-7 PM
Thursday: 4-7 PM

Register For Strength