2017 RHP Brett Taucher Commits to Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville

Player Name:  Brett Taucher 
Position: RHP
High School: Elk Grove
Class:  2017

1.Congrats on your new commitment! What is it about Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville that excites you the most?

The opportunity to play D1 baseball in college while obtaining my degree in Psychology.  SIUE has the full package from athletics to academics.  Also, the opportunity to play for a great coaching staff that believes in this school and what it can do for me.

2. I know that you are new to Top Tier, just joining the program in September. What affect did that have on your recruitment?

Since the TT reputation is so well known, many more doors were open to me.  Schools respect TT, and more dialogue came my way within the short time I’ve been with the team.  

3. Talk a little bit about the recruiting process and how everything went down.

Since the summer before my junior year, I kept an open mind and talked to all coaches that approached me, even if I didn’t contact them during the process. I talked to D1, D3 and JC’s during the entire recruitment period.  I had some great conversations with some great Coaches over the past year.  Coach Lyons contacted me my junior year while he was still with Bradley.  But after being scouted by Coach Scott at a showcase, I was able to then reconnect with Head Coach Lyons as SIUE. Both saw my potential and progression that I made over the past year, and believe that I can contribute to their program.

4. What were some of the priorities you looked at when deciding where to commit?

For academics, I sought a university that I felt comfortable in, even if I didn’t play ball.  But the biggest thing for me was to find a D1 Coaching staff that believed in me and my pitching. Ones that will take me to the next level of baseball, and believe that I can do it.   

5. What challenges do you see ahead of you before you get to campus?

For baseball, I’d like to become stronger both physically and mentally. I also want to learn how to be a great baseball player, and a really good student at the same time. I’ve been working on that all through high school in order to achieve this in college and life after.

6. What are some of the goals you have set for yourself as a college baseball player?

Goal number one: I want to play in Conference games as a Freshman (or as soon as possible) Goal 2: Play on Friday night. Goal 3: Absorb as much baseball knowledge as I possibly can so I can attempt to get to the next level and beyond. 

7. Is there anybody you would like to give a shout-out or thanks to?

I would like to thank my Dad for teaching me to love baseball and everything about it. To Coach Lou, Coach Beyna and Jeff for getting me to the next level. Thanks to my Mom for being my number 1 fan, and my sister for being in sports and encouraging me to go for it! 

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