2019 RHP/OF Simon Lane Commits to Grinnell

Congrats on your new commitment! What is it about Grinnell College that excites you the most?

What excites me most about Grinnell is the blend of a great coaching staff, an opportunity to come in and compete, and the superb education the school provides.

You have played with Top Tier for quite a few years now. Talk about what that has been like and what it means to wear the TT’s.

Playing with Top tier has been everything I could have ever asked for. I have been life long friends while being molded into the player and more importantly the person I am today. 

Talk a little bit about the recruiting process and how everything went down.

The recruiting process has been a period in my life I will certainly never forget. I started talking to Grinnell College during the fall of my Sophomore year, and while some other colleges have come and gone throughout they have stayed strong throughout the entire process. 

What were some of the priorities you looked at when deciding where you wanted to commit?

My main priority when looking at colleges was the academic side of it. However, the coaching staff played a major role, along with the location, and the facilities the school had to offer to the players. 

What challenges do you see ahead of you before you get to campus?

I will certainly be continuing to challenge myself in the class room for the remainder of my High school days, and will be working just as hard at my skills as a player. 

What are some of the goals you have set for yourself as a college baseball player?

I will be trying to push for playing time early, along with winning a Conference Championship. 

Is there anybody you would like to give a shout-out or thanks to?

Yeah big shout-out to Coach Plante, Coach Kenny, Coach Phelps, Coach Gil, and Coach Lambert among with all my teammates helping me become what I am today. 

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