2020 1B/RHP Will Melby Commits to Iowa Western

Congrats on your new commitment! What is it about Iowa Western that excites you the most?

Iowa Western excited me the most because it is a place that is going to make me a better ballplayer as well as contend for a national title.

You started playing with Top Tier as a freshman. Tell us what about your experience and what it means to wear the TT’s.

Top Tier across my chest still and always will mean everything to me.  The coaches and the players pushed me to not only become a better player but also a better man.  I would take Top Tier's coaching staff up against any other travel organization in the country. 

Share one of your favorite Top Tier memories.

My favorite Top Tier memory would have to be when we won the Gamers tournament on a walk off and stormed the field against another great team.  But I also loved going up to the max every day and being with my guys.

Talk a little bit about the recruiting process and how everything went down.  

I had a few division 1 offers by the end of the fall baseball season.  I was going to make my decision and I said I was going to go to one more showcase.  I decided to pitch at the showcase, something I never really did. I had a great outing and got up to 91.  I received a lot of calls from junior colleges and division 1’s. I think the best is yet to come for me on the mound so I choose to go the junior college route.  Iowa Western checked all the boxes and I feel the coaching staff is awesome.  Thus, I made my decision to go to Iowa Western.

What were some of the priorities you looked at when deciding where you wanted to commit?

I wanted to go somewhere I felt that I was wanted as much as I wanted to go there and when I met the coaching staff I knew this was the place to go.  I also wanted to go somewhere where I am going to get pushed just like at Top Tier.

What challenges do you see ahead of you before you get to campus?

I need to get ready for the competition right away right when I step on campus.  I am looking to compete with best players right when I get there.

What are some of the goals you have set for yourself as a college baseball player?

Some of my goals as a college player are to continue on the path I am on to becoming the player I want to be, and to someday get myself ready to play professional baseball

If you could give one piece of advice to all of the younger players coming up, what would it be?

Listen to what the coaches are saying all the time.  Sometimes when they tell you something and you think it is absurd it will help in the future if you trust and believe in the guys.  Also, thank your parents for the commitment they make to you for when you are at all the practices and tournaments.  

Is there anybody you would like to give a shout-out or thanks to?

I would like to shout-out my whole family for always believing in me and also every single one of the top tier coaches that pushed me and helped me along the way.

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