2020 RHP Connor Phalin Commits to Southeastern Illinois

Congrats on your new commitment! What is it about Southeastern Illinois that excites you the most?

It is really close to home and my family will be able to come watch me play.

You played your 17u year with Top Tier, driving all the way from Harrisburg to be a part of the organization. Tell us what about your experience and what it means to wear the TT’s.

It was an awesome experience. I’ve never got to play with a big organization like Top Tier before and I had a lot of fun with it.

Share one of your favorite Top Tier memories.

Throwing a 2 hit shutout at Lakepoint in the last tournament of the year.

Talk a little bit about the recruiting process and how everything went down.

Before playing Top Tier I had no offers at all. But a little after we ended our season is when I got my first call from SIC.

What were some of the priorities you looked at when deciding where you wanted to commit?

I wanted to stay closer to home but I also thought SIC was the best place for me and that I’d fit in well there.

What challenges do you see ahead of you before you get to campus?

Just getting used to how college baseball is with all the workouts and schoolwork.

What are some of the goals you have set for yourself as a college baseball player?

To get my velocity up and hopefully move on to the next level afterwords.

If you could give one piece of advice to all of the younger players coming up, what would it be?

If the recruitment process is going slow for you, don’t give up and keep thinking positive. Someone will see you eventually.

Is there anybody you would like to give a shout-out or thanks to?

Huge thanks to my Dad who brought me to all the tournaments. And big thanks to Chris Willsey for giving me the opportunity to play with Top Tier.

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