2023 INF / RHP Roman Martin Commits to San Diego

Congrats on your new commitment! What is it about University of San Diego that excites you the most?

There are plenty of things that excite me with this university, but what really stands out to me is their second-to-none academic system and amazing Catholic values. All of this plus a beautiful campus and Division 1 baseball equals a perfect fit for my family an me.

You are the first player from Top Tier Gamers to commit. Tell us what that feels like,about your experience and what it means to wear the TT’s.

It honestly feels unbelievable. I never would have thought that with such a great group of guys, I would be the first to commit. My experience at Top Tier has been amazing. From the second I joined the team I knew it was special. Not only have I developed skills in baseball, but I feel like I’ve grown into a young man here. Wearing the TT’s for me means that I get to represent my country every time I step on the diamond and I’m very proud of that.

Share one of your favorite Top Tier memories.

One of my favorite Top Tier moments definitely has to be when we all went to the mall in Arizona for my birthday. This day was so much fun all around but it was the best when I really got to bond with my teammates and feel the brotherhood.

Talk a little bit about the recruiting process and how everything went down.

It all started in Arizona this past September where the USD scout saw me playing. Coach Jason told me he was interested so I reached out to one of their coaches and began to call him about once every two weeks. I believe these calls helped show that I was interested in USD and the coach was able to get to know me on a personal level. Two months later, Coach Jason arranged a team camp at USD where we got to watch their baseball team play and tour their facility. We also scrimmaged a team which gave their coaches another opportunity to see me play. It was days after this camp that I was asked to commit.

What were some of the priorities you looked at when deciding where you wanted to commit?

Well first, they obviously needed to be a dominant baseball school. But wewere also looking for a school that was reasonably close, has a great academic curriculum, and good spiritual development. We were blessed enough that USD just happened to check all the boxes.

What challenges do you see ahead of you before you get to campus?

Before I get to campus, I still feel like I need to become the best baseball player I can be. I also need to make sure my grades remain high because I know that nothing is for sure yet. I am currently taking all honors classes and know it will get harder with each year so I must work on my time management.

What are some of the goals you have set for yourself as a college baseball player?

As a college baseball player, one of my main goals is definitely to work the hardest I possibly can. I need to run faster, pitch harder, field better, keep my OBP up - these are a few of my goals as a college player. I feel USD will be providing me the proper tools to become the best, now I just need to put them to use. I know Division 1 baseball is not going to be easy but if I keep this goal I feel I can get pretty far.

If you could give one piece of advice to all of the younger players coming up, what would it be?

I would definitely say to see failure as a motivator to work harder. There’s no substitute for hard work. Someone once told me - when you’re not working out -someone else is.

Is there anybody you would like to give a shout-out or thanks to?

I would like to thank my parents and family for providing me with the opportunities they have given me for success. I would also love to thank all my coaches who have each given up so much time to get me to where I am today, especially Coach Jason who believed in me and helped me achieve my first major goal.

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