Inaugural Mizuno Classic set to take center stage in Evansville, IN

The inaugural 2024 Mizuno Classic is set to take place May 17-19 at Deaconess Park in Evansville, IN. This tournament will consist of 9-14U teams from across the country and will feature a host of top talent.

Mizuno Classic was created with the ultimate goal of bringing high-level teams, competition and players to one venue. With the teams set to attend, we can confidently say this goal is being achieved even in the first year of its kind.

"The Mizuno Classic Baseball Tournament is an extraordinary event, known for its exclusivity and high caliber of play," said Michael Carrane, Mizuno Classic tournament director. With invite-only access, it brings together the best teams and players, creating an atmosphere of intense competition and camaraderie. The excitement surrounding this tournament is unparalleled, as it showcases top-tier talent and fosters a sense of prestige among participants and fans alike. The combination of elite athleticism, strategic gameplay, and the thrill of competing in such a renowned event makes the Mizuno Classic a truly exceptional experience for all involved.

Deaconess Park in Evansville will play host to all teams set to attend the Mizuno Classic. 

"Hosting the event at Deaconess Park in Evansville makes sense due to its beautiful outdoor space and ample facilities for gatherings. Evansville's welcoming community and accessible location also makes it an ideal choice. The park's scenic surroundings and the city's hospitable atmosphere promise a memorable and enjoyable experience for all attendees," said Carrane.

For more information and to request your invite, click here.

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