Questions From Quarantine: Danny Nuccio

Since everyone has a little bit more time on their hands these days, we wanted to check in with our guys and see what they are up to. Welcome to "Questions From Quarantine", where we chat with our youth and high school players to get a pulse on what their generation is doing during this new reality.

Meet Danny Nuccio. Danny is a 2021 C and OF in his 3 year with Top Tier. Danny has quite an outgoing personality  and enjoys competing in football and baseball.

What's your name? 
Danny Nuccio

What's your Twitter and your IG handle? 

What were you doing right before you read this? 
Eating a giant burrito from Chipotle

Finish this sentence- Without school and baseball I finally have enough time to… 
Play COD War Zone with the boys

What's the worst part of social distancing and quarantine? 
Not being able to play High School baseball

What's the best part of social distancing and quarantine? 
Being with my family

What are you worried about running out of the most? 
Toilet Paper for obvious reasons

Insta, Snap, or Tik-Tok? Why? 
Instagram because I can stay up to date on sports and the memes are 10/10

Which class are you most excited about being done with? 
US History

If you could quarantine with anyone dead or alive who would it be? Choose 3. 
My grandpa, Joe Rogan and Bo Jackson

Would you rather play in the College World Series or be a high school draft pick? 
Draft Pick

Droppin' bombs or throwin' ched? 
Drop Bombs

Who's the most over-hyped player in Major League Baseball right now? 
Ryan Braun

Pants up or down? 

Hottest sneakers in the streets right now?  
Nike Air Monarch 2’s

Tell me 5 songs you keep on rotation right now. 
Silly watch -- Lil Uzi Vert
90210 --
Travis Scott
Drift away --
Unce Kracker
The hustle --
Van McCoy
Prom night --
Chance the Rapper

What 3 items can you not live without right now? 
X box, Phone, Chapstick

Top 10 in the MLB right now are...? 
The White Sox Roster

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