Questions From Quarantine: Jackson Haywood

Since everyone has a little bit more time on their hands these days, we wanted to check in with our guys and see what they are up to. Welcome to "Questions From Quarantine", where we chat with our youth and high school players to get a pulse on what their generation is doing during this new reality.

Meet Jackson Haywood. Jackson represents Top Tier North by way of Michigan. He started out with them as a youth player who played up an age level, but will this year be playing with his 2023 classmates.

What's your name? 
Jackson Haywood

What's your Twitter and your IG handle? 
IG: jacksonhaywood_   Twitter: JacksonHaywood7

What were you doing right before you read this? 

Finish this sentence- Without school and baseball I finally have enough time to… 
Focus on arm care

What's the worst part of social distancing and quarantine? 
Not being able to practice for baseball

What's the best part of social distancing and quarantine? 
I don’t have wake up at 6:30 Monday-Friday

What are you worried about running out of the most? 

Insta, Snap, or Tik-Tok? Why? 
to entertain myself when bored
editor's note: Yea, we're not sure which one he picked either

Which class are you most excited about being done with? 

If you could quarantine with anyone dead or alive who would it be? Choose 3. 
Coach Tony, Colin Schmitke, Graham Mastros

Would you rather play in the College World Series or be a high school draft pick? 
High School Draft pick

Droppin' bombs or throwin' ched? 

Who's the most over-hyped player in Major League Baseball right now? 
Joey Votto

Pants up or down? 

Hottest sneakers in the streets right now?  
Nike VaperMax

Tell me 5 songs you keep on rotation right now. 
Any song by Don Toliver

What 3 items can you not live without right now?
Phone, TV, baseball

Top 10 in the MLB right now are...? 
Not sure
editor's note: wow this kid is lazy

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