Top Tier Celebrates NLI Night with Players and Families

Pictured from left to right: Kellen Sarver, Bobby Seymour, Jimmy Burnette, Charlie Bourbon, Casey Barr, Hunter Keim, Ryan Altenberger, Michael Bieterman, Joe Vascik, Mark DiLuia)

(Not pictured: Alex Analytis, Jack Carberry, Ashton Creal, Zach Frieling, Michael Gunartt, Shakur Jackson, Elias Kuhns, Pat Mayo, Keaton RIce, Brandon Romero)

Every November brings about a special time in the recruiting calendar known as the Early Signing Period. This is the time when all of those verbal commitments made become official with the signing of a player's National Letter of Intent, or NLI. The signing period lasts one full week, starting with the second Wednesday of November and concluding the evening of the third Wednesday in November. And on that first Wednesday night, every year, Top Tier hosts a gathering of players and families to celebrate this milestone moment of their lives. Players joke around through dinner, enjoying one last get together before they head their own ways and forge their own paths. The parents look on, beaming with pride and snapping photos every chance they get. 

With last night marking the close of the early signing period for the class of 2017, it is only appropriate to recognize all of these young men for their outstanding accomplishments. This year, Top Tier has 21 players who signed their NLI this week. Congrats, gentlemen. Now the real work begins. 

Ryan Altenberger - Xavier
Alex Analytis - Indiana University South Bend
Casey Barr - Bates College
Michael Bieterman - Southern Illinois
Charlie Bourbon - Northwestern
Jimmy Burnette - Illinois
Jack Carberry - Western Illinois
Ashton Creal - John A. Logan
Mark DiLuia - Maryland
Zach Frieling - Saint Louis University
Michael Gunartt - Triton
Shakur Jackson - Heartland
Matt Kann - Franklin & Marshall
Hunter Keim - Quincy
Elias Kuhns - Union College
Pat Mayo - Spring Hill College
Keaton Rice - Bradley
Brandon Romero - University of Illinois Springfield
Kellen Sarver - Illinois
Bobby Seymour - Wake Forest
Joe Vascik - Maryville University

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