Tuesday Tip of the Week October 13th

Throughout the off-season there are sure to be plenty of players putting in extra hours of work, when no one is watching, trying to make themselves better. This of course, is a good thing. Too often though, these players will train without having any game plan. They will work harder, but not necessarily smarter. Imagine navigating your way from Chicago to Las Angeles, but not having a route mapped out. This is essentially how players will train when they work on their own.

Plan your work and work your plan. It is a simple idea, and just as simple to execute. Prior to any workout, a goal for the training session must be determined, and it must be specific. Limit yourself to one goal per session. For instance if you will be in the cage on your own don’t just say you want to work on the outter half. Instead try to work on driving the ball to the opposite field on a line. If it is infield work, think more about developing footwork, instead of just getting groundballs. The more precise your goal, the better you can plan on how to attack that goal. So the next time you find yourself about to head out to get some extra work in, make sure to plan your work first, then work your plan and attack your goals.

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