Tuesday Tip of the Week October 20th

Success is not a destination, it is a daily habit. Successful individuals make sure that each and every day they continue to work on accomplishing daily tasks to ensure future success. And how do you create these daily habits? You must develop your own routine.

On the baseball field this starts from the moment you arrive at the field. You want to develop a routine that allows you to not just prepare yourself physically, but mentally too. Make sure to keep your routine the same every time. By keeping it consistent it allows your mind to relax and focus on the task at hand.

A typical routine might look as follows. When you arrive at the field you get to your meeting spot and switch from tennis shoes into your cleats. Next, you begin your pre-game warm up routine. After a dynamic warm-up then you might go through your band routine. After finishing with bands, maybe you grab some water and then get a few rounds of batting practice in. Next, you play catch and then take ground balls/fly balls. Then in the last few minutes before the game you finish with some visualization techniques. Obviously each player may have a slightly different routine, so make sure to find out what works best for you and fits with the amount of time you have before the game starts. Whatever your routine is, make sure to stick with it each day and watch your daily accomplishments compound and help you create your own success.

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