Tuesday Tip of the Week October 6th

Baseball can be a difficult game for any kid. No matter how old or young, there will be days, even whole weekends, when players find themselves struggling within the game. As players grow older, and continue to reach new levels of the game, one of the biggest struggles for players is having the ability to keep up with the pace of the game. The higher level of baseball, the faster the game is played. If a player is unable to slow the game down, it can be frustrating and cause a player to doubt his/her self, and causing them to play with little self-confidence.

So how do you go about trying to control the speed of the game as you perceive it? You must trick the brain. Think about your most vivid dreams; each time you have one your brain is convinced that what is happening is authentic, and it’s not until you wake up that you realize it was only a dream. We are going to use this concept and discuss how it can be applied both in pre-game and the middle of a game, and allow the player to regain control over their mind, and their confidence.

The first step is remembering back to one of the best baseball games you have in your memory bank. Once you figure out which game you want to use we are going to close our eyes and remain still. In your head it is now time to start re-living that game. Work to recall as many details as you can. Think HD quality. Begin paying attention to things like your frame of mind, your heart rate, your breathing. Begin to focus in on what your thought process was like. How focused did you feel. Next, walk yourself through one of your at-bats from the game. What was going through your head before pitches? What were you doing to stay relaxed and calm? Work to focus in on the rotation of the pitch as it comes in. Go so far as to even see the pitcher whip his head around as you drive the ball to the outfield.

What you should begin to notice is that your current state of mind should begin to reflect the same feelings you are re-living in your head. The more detailed your mental picture is the better. The length of time you spend doing this is up to you. The more often you use this technique, the easier it will become to go back to those moments in time in your head and allow your brain to work more clearly, and operate at the same speed as the actual game. Next time you find the game is moving faster than normal use this little trick and get yourself back on track in no time flat.

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