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VELO DEPOT - PITCHERS (Ages 14 and Up)

Velo Depot is an all-encompassing pitcher development program developed by Top Tier's High School Director, Griffin Phelps in conjunction with Top Tier alum and current pitcher in the Angel's organization, Connor Riley. This program is designed to bring a new, comprehensive way of training to help pitchers stay healthy and at the same time develop pitches, velocity and spin rate. While velocity development is an important part of the program, Velo Depot will also incorporate movement patterns, mental training and post throwing recovery which will keep the arm and body healthy, allowing athletes to train harder and longer. We will be offering two different sessions; session 1 runs November and December, and session 2 will run January and February. There is a discount offered if you register for both sessions up front.

Velo Depot groups will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but will also include programming details for the other 5 days of the week. All players will begin with a return to throwing/on-ramping phase at the start of their first session. From there, each player will have their own individualized program to help correct flaws/deficiencies, as well as develop arm strength and velocity. Players will also receive video analysis throughout the process to find mechanical inefficiencies in the delivery.

Players will have access to their specific program online along with all workouts through new tracking technology (accessible through any mobile device) so that they can see where they are at in terms of the gains that they are making. Changes will be made on a weekly basis. Every player will have a 7 day program so that the days they are not meeting in person they will still have throwing, arm care, recovery work, and drills to do so that they can continue to develop in all facets of the pitching development process.

In addition to all pitching and throwing programming, Top Tier is happy to announce that it will be taking over all strength and conditioning for Velo Depot in our new weight room and pitching lab (located above the academy). Lifting will no longer follow immediately after the baseball workouts. Instead, players will sign up for either 15 or unlimited lifting sessions during the session for which they register. They will then be able to come in and lift any day of the week in the gym upstairs. Strength workouts will also be managed for players throughout the week via the new player tracking software mentioned above.

Session 1 Dates
November- 3, 5, 10, 12, 17, 19, 24
December- 1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 17

Session 2 Dates
January- 5, 7, 12, 14, 19, 21, 26, 28
February- 2, 4, 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25

Group Times: 
Group 1 - 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm 
Group 2 - 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm

There will be a limited number of spaces available in each group in order to maximize space and player to coach ratio to provide the best training experience and outcomes for athletes.

Session 1 w/ 15 lifting sessions - $900
Session 1 w/ unlimited lifting sessions - $960

Session 2 w/ 15 lifting sessions - $900
Session 2 w/ unlimited lifting sessions - $960

Sessions 1 & 2 w/ 30 lifting sessions - $1500
Sessions 1 & 2 w/ unlimited sessions - $1600

Location: 4750 South Vernon Ave, McCook, IL 60525

Velo Depot Pitchers

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